ATS2020 in Zagreb: Classroom Experiences

Between March 13 and 15 the ATS2020 Meeting took place in Zagreb! During the project time a student-centred learning model, based on the ePortfolio approach, was elaborated. It aims at supporting the development and assessment of transversal skills in k12-schools in Europe, fostering collaboration, digital literacy and autonomous learning. Here you can find a blogpost about ATS2020 in German.

The #ATS2020 learning model: ePortfolio FTW

ATS2020 Learning Cycle

ATS2020 Learning Cycle

The ATS2020 learning model focusses on formative assessment, which is shaped by feedback by peers/teachers and self-reflection/self-assessment! At the start learning outcomes are discussed and settled and students learn step-by-step how to pursue their own learning pathways in order to reach their learning goals!

For working on the ATS2020 learning cycle we use Mahara and One Note/Office 365!

Learning Analytics


Riina presenting EU learning analytics inventory

During the ATS2020-Meeting in Zagreb we also had a workshop on learning analytics, which was held by Riina Vuorikari, researcher and part of the Information Society Unit of the European Commission’s in-house science service JRC-IPTS. She presented the status-quo of learning analytics in education in Europe. We discussed obstacles and potentials of learning analytics in school. One big problem at the moment is: Learning analytics is at the moment supplier-driven. This means that there are technical solutions, but they don’t consider the pedagogical/educational implementation too much.

If you want to know more about our discussions and outcomes, download Riina’s EU report about learning analytics or read our collected tweets – check out my Blogpost “ATS2020 in Zagreb: Learning Analytics @School”.

School Visit in Zagreb

ATS2020 Croatia

ATS2020 school visit in Zagreb

In Zagreb, we also checked out how Croatia is implementing the ATS2020 learning model. The kids were around 13 years old and we were so lucky to witness their english class using the ePortfolio approach and OneNote/ office365! The topics was music instruments. They did research at home and collaborated as well as cooperated together to set up a presentation. In class they presented their outcomes and we were really impressed by their English skills. I wasn’t able to speak English that well at their age! 🙂


At the moment, the ATS2020 learning model is tested in different schools, all over the EU: Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Galicia, Greece, Ireland, Lithuania and Slovenia! 12 349 students are engaged in the pilot implementation!

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