Since I started working at Danube University Krems at the Department for Interactive Media and Educational Technology, I have been working on several national and international research and development projects. Here you can read more about my projects:

VINCE Project

Supporting access to Higher Education for refugees through the validation of their prior learning


Establishing and refining dual study programs/higher apprenticeships in the EU


Supporting entrepreneurship skills of migrants through developing a train-the-trainer program as well as other online learning tools.

  • 2017-2020
  • Funding Scheme: COSME
  • Project Platform:
  • Twitter: #MAGNET_EU
  • My tasks: Contributing in developing the currciculum for the MAGNET migrant entrepenreurship academy (especially quality assurance of learning outcomes, consulting in constructive alignment of outcomes, methods and assessment), consulting regarding choosing LMS and blended learning design
  • My Blogposts about MAGNET


Supporting the development and assessment of tranversal skills (21century skills) in K12-schools (10-15 year old students) through using the ePortfolio-approach


VALERU addressed the validating of non-formal/informal learning in Higher Education in Russia, with a focus on learning outcomes from professional experience (work based learning), a key approach for supporting LLL (LifeLong Learning). It aims at strong cooperations between European and Russian HEIs & HE networks leading in the field of validating of non-formal/informal learning as well as networks of SME and professional associations.

  • 2013-2016
  • Funding Scheme: TEMPUS
  • Platform:
  • Twitter: #VALERU
  • My tasks: Project coordination and dissemination, platform development and train-the-trainer course development and implementation in the area of higher education modernization in the Russian Federation – Validation of non-formal and informal learning in specific.
  • My Blogposts about VALERU


MITMUT aimed at supporting 13-14 years old girls in STEM fields through game-based learning in an social enterprise network.

  • 2014-2016
  • Funding Scheme: FFG – Talente FemTech
  • Platform:
  • Twitter: #MITMUT
  • My tasks:  Development of didactical settings, training of teachers, implementation/piloting of the so called “MIT-MUT Challenge”, conducting focus groups for evaluation of the pilot
  • My MITMUT Blogposts