The MITMUT Project

I am supporting the MIT-MUT project team since June 2015, when I entered as researcher into the team, as my colleague who was earlier involved in the project, left Danube University at this time. I joined at the right time, when we the project team was shaping/detailing about the project tools and possible implementation ways.

A few words about the project…

Through the project we aim to support girls in exploring and developing their skills in the fields of IT and entrepreneurship. The core of the project is the SEN – a social enterprise network, realised through yammer ( It has similar functions like facebook, but it is a closed networking area for a special target group. Our target group within the project were 13-14 years old, female students. They got different tasks to solve and games to play during the MIT-MUT challenge. The main aim of the challenge was to create the most creative, practicable, detailed, etc. App for mobile phones. They created logos, wrote concepts, shooted videos, made paper-prototypes etc. to show their progress and they shared their outputs in the SEN, where also other girls and the fictional character Rachel Lovelace (named aber Ada Lovelace, the first programmer) could comment and “like”  or “praise” the outputs. An important part of the project was also to show girls that there are already successful women working in IT and entrepreneurship. For this reason we conducted several interviews with different women, who shared their ideas about their job, work-life balance and their development throughout their lifespan.

My tasks within the project in 2015:

    • Conducting interviews with the MIT-MUT rolemodels (a few videos can be publicly accessed here, at the MITMUT youtube channel) and also taking part in creating the video (this is my handwriting and my hand in the video 🙂 )
    • Writing parts of the pedagogical ressources/guidelines for teachers, who are involved in the project
    • Acting as Rachel Lovelace in the SEN , to support and guide the students in their activities.
    • Being part of the MIT-MUT Jury, deciding the three best apps, created by the students.
    • Contucting a focus group with students for qualitative analysis, transcription
    • Conducting an interview with a teacher for qualitativ analysis, transcription

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