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Isabell Grundschober
Isabell Grundschober, captured by Laura Krähe Fotografie

My name is Isabell Grundschober and I have been working as a researcher at the University for Continuing Education Krems (Austria) since February 2015. In June 2019 I was promoted to the head of the Center for Research in Educational Technologies at the Department of Continuing Education Research and Educational Technologies and after one year I merged my center with another center in my Department, shifting the focus to learning and development to support lifelong learning and continuing education in organizations, facing digital and social transformation. We named the newly merged center: “Center for Applied Research and Innovation in Lifelong Learning” and I acted as a deputy head of the center between 2020 and 2022. I was promoted to co-director of the Center in 2023.

Next to my informal education during several internships at the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG, an internship at the commercial section of the Austrian embassy in Finland, working as an entrepreneur in my early twenties or working full-time at Danube University, there are 3 major formal education steps I took in the past 10 years:

My Field of Research

My research interests include design for learning, networked learning, online and hybrid learning environments, the nature of professional and experiential knowledge as well as professional education, which combines theory and practice.

My current research projects focus on the following aspects:

  • Learning-outcome and competence-based learning design for continuing education and VET
  • Learning and development strategies for organizations facing digital and social transformation
  • Operationalization of competence and competence frameworks (modeling)
  • Critical analysis and evaluation of eLearning environments
  • Choosing and implementing suitable digital tools, platforms, and functions to support learning
  • Building bridges between industry, businesses, and higher education through work-based and work-integrated learning
  • Validation of non-formal and informal learning

Research Projects

You can find out more about the projects I am currently working on in the “Project”-Section of my Blog.

Picture Gallery

My projects are involving many people from people all over the world. I love traveling, meeting them, communicating online, and working in virtual teams. Here are a few pictures from my journeys – eager to learn and not forget to take photos on my way! 

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