Launch of the VALERU Online Exam

Today we finally launch the VALERU online exam!

I also produced a little video to promote it:

And now I also know, that I need a better microphone 😀 But for the first time, I think it is okay.

Developing and implementing the online exam was not trivial at all, it took us around 8 months.
We needed to take following steps:

1) First of all I set up a questions template how to collect the questions from our VALERU training partners at Deutsche Universität fßr Weiterbildung Berlin (GER) and University of Chester (UK) for module 1 and 2. Peter Baumgartner and me created Module 3 and of course we knew how to design the questions, but we needed to communicate to our partners which question designs are possbile and in which form we needed their input.

2) After collecting the questions based on the template, I wrote them into WatuPro, the online assessment plugin for WordPress.

3) We checked and tested all questions. We discussed a lot and changed questions several times.

4) We needed to decide on testenvironment (subset of 15 randomised questions out of the questions pool, registration, time, grading, number of trials, etc.)

5) Creating a registration and login site

6) Creating a certificate and linking it to the grading

7) Testing the whole quiz

The tricky thing about the certification was, that this certificate of the online exam was the first certificate of 3 certificate all in all for the three levels within the VALERU training design.
See all three levels here:


When I was creating the certificates for the exam, I became aware that it was really necessary to re-design the training programme. The way we planned it before, we had three expert groups, who weren’t progressively connected to each other. It wasn’t clear what their names “online expert” “VNIL expert” and “assessment expert” really meant, nor wasn’t it clear what the corresponding certificates should indicate.

Therefore, together with Jon Talbot from University of Chester, we re-designed the training programme, without completely changing it – but the way it is now, with three different levels building upon each other and linked to the European Qualification Framework, it is more clear and coherent.

Anyway, I hope a lot of people find our material, the online training mode and the online exam about VNIL helpful and interesting!


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