Development of VNIL procedures in the EU

The European Inventory on validation of non-formal and informal learning (2014) stated following conclusion:

“It is also possible to identify continuing challenges for European validation systems. On the ground, progress has often been slower than in policy terms. In the future, the translation of policy into practice and tangible results needs to be closely monitored, in particular given that in most countries there are systematic and socio/economic barriers in place to resist major growth. Areas where improvement has been experienced and challenging areas are outlined in turn below.” (Cefefop 2014, p.39)

Developments are slower then expected in certain points. Austria was mentioned as a country, which is taking serious steps in developing a comprehensive strategy for validation procedures. (National Qualification Framework, etc.)

Nevertheless, the recommendation of the Council of the EU (2012) recommended to have all arrangements in place for validation not later than 2018. 1 1/2 years to go for the EU member countries.

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