eLearning Experts Conference 2016: Feedback Patterns

eisenstadt_elearningexpertsconferenceThe eLearning Experts Conference 2016 took place in Eisenstadt on October 19 and 20, 2016 and also my department‘s research team was there to talk about eLearning:

About Andrea’s and my talk – Patterns of Feedback

The presentation was dedicated to recent development of research within the ATS2020 project, especially patterns of feedback in the learning cycle, for which we suggest the ePortfolio as a tool. The ATS2020 project is an innovative policy experimentation project co-funded by the European Commission. The project is comprised of 17 partners from 11 EU countries. ATS2020 provides a comprehensive learning model for the enhancement of student indispensable transversal skills within curricula and offers new approaches and innovative tools to teacher for the development and assessment of these skills. Andrea Ghoneim is leading the ATS2020 workpackage “Technologies and Tools”. Find out more about the ATS2020 projecthttp://ats2020.eu/

At the presentation in Eisenstadt, I explained the ATS2020 learning cycle, which supports autonomous learning and student-centred education at school in order to develop transversal skills.

  • Our tool for the learning cycle: The E-Portfolio!
  • What we discovered: Patterns for feedback and assessment can be identified. Making them explicit through the pattern approach is a valuable way to share good practice!

You can find our slides in German here: http://mahara.ats2020.eu/view/view.php?id=177

Conference Live Ticker via Twitter

There was no official conference hashtag, so we came up with #EEducationEisenstadt, as it was the only hashtag we could think of which wasn’t already taken. So if you want to read more about the conference, just check the hashtag on twitter! 🙂

Special credits to Barbara Geyer-Hayden for taking the nice picture of Andrea and me while presenting! Thank you!


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