Patterns for formative Assessment – Patterns for ATS2020!

Today at the #PURPLSOC Conference I presented a collection of patterns for formative assessment, tailored to the ATS2020 learning model! Check out my slides here:

Why Patterns?

During the ATS2020 pilot, teachers were trained to use the ATS2020 learning model, which is based on the ePortfolio-approach, formative assessment (assessment FOR learning) and student-centred learning/teaching.

PURPLSOC 17 - ATS2020 Patterns Presentation

PURPLSOC 17 – ATS2020 Patterns Presentation

But what about teachers who want to use the learning model but didn’t receive any training? This is a questions of sustainability!

Pattern languages are useful when it comes to communicating good practice to others, who may be not so experiences. Many teachers are often not too familiar with formative assessment, student-centred learning/teaching and the ePortfolio-approach. That’s where patterns can help.

The Pattern Search

I searched for patterns, which are useful for formative assessment. So many patterns were written, e.g. by the pedagogical patterns project. I wanted to make use of it an re-use it for our cause. What were the criteria I used for the patterns search:

Patterns for formative assessment - selection criteria

Patterns for formative assessment – selection criteria

And that’s me looking for patterns:

Looking or patterns

Looking or patterns

The Outcome

A patterns collection for formative assessment

A patterns collection for formative assessment

Next steps

I am creating a wordpress-site, where I include all pattern references and I will create an interactive picture, where the patterns are linked to the pattern reference pages in the wordpress-site. Therefore, teachers can easily access more information to the patterns.


I propose to create a pattern language for students – especially regarding the yellow coloured patterns in the patterns collection above.


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