Pattern Collection for formative Assessment went online!

I presented my paper  “A Pattern Language Remix for ATS2020. Using Existing Pedagogical Patterns to Create a New Language for Formative Assessment within the ATS2020 Learning Model” at the PURPLSOC Conference 2017. It is both a presentation/paper for PURPLSOC but also a deliverable for the EU project ATS2020!

The Online Pattern Collection

I wanted to make the pattern collection practicable to use, so I decided to open a WordPress site. It added all patterns in the pattern reference format, which I used in my paper – it contains the name, summary, the original language and a link, the autors and information for whom the pattern was written (teachers and/or students) and who could use it. I categorized the patterns so they could be easily found according to the phases of the ATS2020 learning model. Furthermore I created an interactive, click-able concept map, which leads to patterns of interest. Furthermore, I added a little “handbook” or description, how to use the site and the patterns.

ATS2020 Pattern Collection

ATS2020 Pattern Collection

Check out the pattern collection here:



Let me know what you think about the collection in the comments below! I’d be happy about feedback. I kind of feel like the site could be a bit confusing for people who have never hear about patterns. What do you think?

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