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In Feburary 2018 I have published an article on eLearning Industry about “Microlearning For Safety Training in Manufacturing Companies: 4 Steps”. I wrote this article during a project for a glas-manufacturing company, which was part of my master’s study in applied knowledge management. The glas-manufacturing complay wanted to find new ways how to teach about safety regulations. Microlearning – small learning chunks in engaging exercises, is a practicable way. We used Moodle as a basis and Adobe Articulate to create engaging exercises.


Microlearning – Mobil devices like tables and smartphones are practicable. Picture by Florian Schulte Fotografie.

4 Steps for Microlearning

In my article for eLearning Industry wrote about 4 questions to ask yourself when planning and implementing Microlearning at the Workplace:

  1. Be sure that you check your didactical basis. Have you defined intended learning outcomes?
  2. What are the training characteristics of the knowledge, competence or skills which need to be learned by the employees?
  3. How can Microlearning be included in daily working routines?
  4. How can you give feedback and assess what employees have learned? (You might wanna use formative feedback and learning analytics!)

Especially mobile devices support Microlearning! But mind: Microlearning is often designed in a way that it rather supports lower cognitive process levels like remebering, understanding and applying. If you want to get to higher cognitive processes, you surely need to include exercises which promote critical thinking. They are usually more complex than small learning chucks in Microlearning!


Grundschober, I. (2018, February 7). Microlearning For Safety Training In Manufacturing Companies: 4 Steps. Retrieved December 4, 2018, from https://elearningindustry.com/microlearning-for-safety-training-manufacturing-companies-4-steps 

Tool Tip

Here a cool microlearning tool, which I really like to use because it has a fresh messenger style, just as if someone was chatting with you: Learning Snacks! 

I created the following learning snack “How to choos a digital tool!”


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