LLL Services for Students at Danube University Krems

For the Erasmus Plus project COMPASS, several EU higher education institutions were taking a closer look at their own practices: What are we doing to support lifelong learning on university-level? I have created a list of lifelong learning services, which we are currently providing at Danube University Krems.

Lifelong Learning in a Fast Changing World

“LLL results from integration of formal, non-formal, and informal learning to create ability for continuous lifelong development of quality of life.” (Laal 2011)

What does this definition actually mean? Learning occurs at all times, in each place and throughout one’s life. Fast technological and societal changes require also constant development of skills and competences:

“People need to upgrade their skills throughout their adult lives to cope with modern life, both in their work and in their private lives. The issue will be achievable through learning.” (Laal 2011)

Continuing Education = Lifelong Learning

Learning from each other, combining theory and practice to become a reflective practictioner: Meeting academic standards in continuing education has a positive effect on personal development & growth, transfer and application of learning experiences into practice and innovation. Picture provided by Danube University Krems.

Danube University Krems is THE public university for continuing education and leader in the field of academic continuing education in Austria. This again showed the current survey conducted by the Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS).

The survey showed interesting results:

  • 6% of students in Austria participate in academic continuing education
  • Only 3% of all continuing education courses take place at public universities.
  • The majority of the representatives of Austrian universities are planning to expand academic continuing education. It is a relevant part of the overall university strategy at most universities. 

Currently, six per cent of students participate in academic continuing education in Austria. However, as data show, the overall share of academic continuing education in all continuing education measures is low: merely three per cent of all continuing education courses take place at public universities.

How Danube University Krems Contributes to Lifelong Learning

There are many services established and promoted on institutional level at Danube University Krems. I have used Adobe Spark to create an overview, unfortunately it became “lost”, I cannot access it and the link is broken. I will ask the adobe spark support for help. Anyways, meanwhile, you can check out the PDF I have saved before it broke: LLL Services at DUK.

Lifelong Learning Services at Danube University Krems


Wanna share?

If you are working for or associated to a higher education institution somehow – what are you doing to support lifelong learning? Is it corresponding somehow to the LLL Charta mentioned? Leave a comment!

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