Learning Snacks for Project Management?

In a webinar organised by eucen within the Creative Change Erasmus+ project, I was invited to present the tool “Learning Snacks” and how it could be used in a project management context.

Learning Snacks is a messenger-style microlearning tool, which usually is applied in the educational context. In this webinar, we explore its functions and how the tool could be useful in the context of project management. Spoiler: There are good chances that it raises motivation and fun in your project team!

Do you want to check out an example of a learning snack?

About the webinar

In the webinar, I am sharing what the tool is about, and I am sharing my opinion on how to use it in project management based on my personal experiences in project management and also in using learning snacks.

I have been working for more than 7 years now in various international and national R&D projects (and in many of them I also worked with eucen). With learning snacks, you have a great chance to create a fun icebreaker for project partners. It is also a low-key way of information sharing within the project team.

In the webinar, I shared some advantages and limitations of the use of this tool in project management. Furthermore, I show how to create a learning snack. After the webinar, some participants already developed their first learning snacks for their project teams!

Here you can view the recorded webinar on Youtube:

What do you think, what are your experiences?

Could you imagine using this microlearning tool in your project management context? Leave a comment! ­čÖé

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